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2011 NFL Predictions: Philadelphia Eagles 2011 Football Preview

2011 NFL Predictions: Philadelphia Eagles 2011 Football Preview

[hana-code-insert name=’video’ /] With words like Dream Team being tossed around, expectations are getting pretty high for the Philadelphia Eagles and fans making early 2011 NFL football predictions. But despite all of the talent, it won’t exactly be easy for the Eagles. It’s never easy in the NFL, and certainly not in the NFC East, and especially not when your quarterback always seems to be one play away from a season ending injury.

2011 NFL Predictions

Michael Vick had a phenomenal 2010, and he was by far the best story in the league. He played brilliantly, and he earned the starting job after Kevin Kolb got injured and led the team to the postseason. Now the team has traded Kolb, and got a high value defensive cornerback back in the process, and Vick has the reins from the start. He just needs to avoid injury and continue to make smart decisions about running and throwing the ball.

His weapons are plentiful on offense. He has DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Macklin, LeSean McCoy and on down the line from there. Vince Young is his new backup and understudy, adding more intrigue and raising more questions with this team and their projections for 2011 NFL predictions and rankings. Will Young be happy to learn behind Vick? What if he needs to play for the injured starter?

The biggest move of them all though was bringing in defensive back Nnamdi Asomugha from the Oakland Raiders as a free agent. He’s probably the best cornerback in the league, and he joins a talented defensive unit which can now really shut down the opponent’s passing game.

Expect big things from the Eagles in 2011, but it’s very early to call a team in the NFL a Dream Team. Vick is always one play away from disaster, and all of the talent has to merge together and play. They may be one of the NFC favorites with the experts NFL predictions, but ask the Cowboys how that worked out for them in 2010.

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