Top 10 Handicappers

Service Units
Jeff Allen +771.0
Carolina Sports +746.0
Tony Stoffo +700.0
Steve Merril +677.0
Dennis Macklin +487.0
Jim Feist +449.0
Stephen Nover +400.0
Jeff Alexander +378.0
Ben Burns +344.0
Doc's Sports +239.0

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AAA Sports looks to close the first half of the NBA campaign by absolutely DESTROYING the books! They’re widely considered one of the sharpest “situational” handicapping services on the planet, so get on board to find out ALL the details and then make plans to proceed DIRECTLY to the cashiers window!


AAA is determined the first half with a MONSTER WINNING NIGHT on the pro hardwood, they’ve routinely finished among the best in the World in the NBA the last few season’s and they FULLY expect to be near the top once it’s all said and done on this one! Get on board to find out ALL the details and then proceed DIRECTLY to the cashiers window!


AAA Sports is back on the Premier League Pitch and is ready to get the job done in this EARLY matchup! Known for their ability to rip off MONSTROUS all sports winning streaks, you’ll want to subscribe longterm by jumping on board with a subscription! You’ll be glad you did!

Jim Feist's NBA 3-Team Totals Tripleheader - Wednesday

Jim Feist unleashes 3 NBA Totals on the Wednesday night NBA card, including his 10-Star NBA Total Dominator, that will rip the books not once, not twice, but three times! Don't delay, clean up at the window with Jim's money-saving/money-making 3-Team NBA Totals Tripleheader and get set to triple your pleasure - and your bankroll!

Jim Feist's High End NHL Bookie Buster - Wednesday!

Jim Feist continues the hot hand in hockey with a Big Bad NHL High End Bookie Buster on the ice. Is the edge with the dog again? Home ice? Or the total? ALL the ingredients are there to run circles around the books. Don't mess around with guess-work, invest with a Vegas pro with this exclusive Big Bad NHL High End Bookie Busting winner!

Jim Feist's NBA Dog of the Month (42-15-2 ATS angle) - Wednesday!

January NBA Dog of the Month: WINNER on the 76ers vs. Golden State! It takes an important mix of depth, talent and coaching to play up to a team's capabilities and surprise as a dog. Jim Feist understands all the basketball dynamics and is set to unload on the books with this NBA Dog of the Month, one with a 42-15-2 ATS combined winning spread angle! Don't sit on the sidelines, head to the wagering window with a Vegas legend TONIGHT!