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2010 NFL Playoff Picks: Cardinals-Saints & Ravens-Colts

2010 NFL Playoff Picks: Cardinals-Saints & Ravens-Colts Playoff Predictions

The Arizona Cardinals vs. New Orleans Saints NFL Playoff Picks must be made before the 4:30 PM ET kickoff on Saturday January 16th. The Saints bandwagon took a bit of a hit as the year went along. Some of the people that were calling for an undefeated season started to worry when the Saints seemed like they were taking it easy the last few weeks. After a close game to the Buccaneers and then a few losses, many people started to wonder if the Saints were actually legit. The Saints are favored by 7 points Saturday against the Cardinals. You can bet the 2010 NFL Playoff games online at and enjoy a special 100% deposit bonus up to $500 so if you deposit $500 you will get $1000 in your account.

NFL Playoff Picks

This Saturday night at 8:15 ET on CBS, the Baltimore Ravens will square off with the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts come into the game as the higher seed and as a 6.5 point favorite. They are playing the game in the friendly confines of the dome in Indianapolis and they are coming off of a week of rest. The Colts have not lost a game this season when their starters played in the game. They started off 14-0 and then promptly lost the last two games after resting the starters. If you are looking for 2010 NFL Playoff Picks: Cardinals-Saints & Ravens-Colts Playoff Predictions game I would take both of the home teams to win.

The Colts are hoping that after such a long layoff, the starters will be ready to play again this week against a very tough Baltimore defense. Meanwhile if you’re still wondering if the Saints are for real…stop wondering. This Saints football team is definitely for real. They are the best offense that the league has seen in a few years and they can turn it on when they need to turn it on. They’ll be going up against the Cardinals defense that gave up an unbelievable amount of yards last week. I think this one is going to be a pretty easy outing for the Saints offense. They should move the ball easily and score at will.

Check out our Experts 2010 NFL Playoff Picks: Cardinals-Saints & Ravens-Colts Playoff Predictions and come out on the winning side this Saturday.

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