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Lebron Magnet In Action: Victor Cruz

Lebron Magnet In Action: Victor Cruz

Those who didn’t make it to see Monday Night Football for the first meeting of the New York Giants and the New York Jets at the brand new New Meadowlands stadium, then there’s some big news to catch up with. Of course by now you’ve probably already heard about Eli Manning getting all banged up and needing stitches. The fact that his bleeding forehead took precedence in the media over the Giants wideout that managed to rack up 156 yards, means there’s a lot more fun to come this fall. No doubt about the fact that Victor Cruz is going to be a force to be reckoned with on the football field.

The wideout for the Giants has been working hard in anticipation of his opportunity on the field. He has performed at camp and works hard every day according to Coach Tom Coughlin. Coughlin indicated that he wasn’t at all surprised by the caliber play the wideout showed. For an undrafted UMass player last year, the guy could actually make the Giants roster and challenge some of the more content players who aren’t pushing themselves. Sinorice Moss could find himself completely off the roster thanks to the hard work of Victor Cruz.

While the goal of training camp and practices year round is to obtain a spot on the team and remain there, some players become content and just don’t realize that they are expendable. Other players have one good game and then they are never heard from again. Lebron James has jumped on the wagon though and the Giants are getting some face time from another professional teams big guy. Lebron’s twitter feed read “Victor Cruz going nuts on the Jets tonight on #MNF” which had even Cruz shocked.


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