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Dez Bryant Dinner: $55,000 of his $8.3 Million Already Spent

Dez Bryant Dinner: $55,000 of his $8.3 Million Already Spent

Each year as the NFL training camp kicks off, rookies are assigned various tasks by the veterans. Generally it’s just a matter of carrying someone’s gear or some other meaningless task. Players who don’t comply, often find themselves on the outs. The Dez Bryant dinner bill is just one example of how this whole situation can go terribly wrong.

When Bryant signed with the Cowboys and chose not to partake in the rookies vs veterans rituals, he found himself with a target on his back. He asked the team to accompany him to dinner at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse for dinner Monday  night. When he was handed a bill of $55,000, he had to be thinking that he had just learned one expensive lesson. However, if you know you have a guaranteed $8.3 million coming to you, the cost of the Dez Bryant dinner bill was just a drop in the bucket.

The most pathetic part of this is that Bryant agreed to take the offensive line out to dinner to make up for not carrying Roy Williams gear during training camp. Apparently Williams didn’t think that was enough and he invited the defensive squad as well. Neither Bryant or Williams have made a statement regarding that pathetic behavior on Monday night. Moreover, the Dez Bryant dinner bill was left in his hands with his adviser simply stating, “They got the young fella”.


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