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Super Bowl XLVI: Super Bowl Betting Online

It’s that time of the year again, to get in on all of the fun and the crazy action available with Super Bowl betting online. It’s everyone’s favorite time to make some bets, whether they take it extremely seriously or want to make a few fun proposition bets just because they can. Whatever they’re looking to do, it’s going to be available for the Super Bowl. Here’s a quick guide to some of what you can expect.

Super Bowl XLVI Betting

With the two Super Bowl teams being the New York Giants and the New England Patriots you can be assured to see an exciting game. Super Bowl betting online makes the big game even more exciting because of the added thrill of winning money on the game. A lot of people also like to wager different Super Bowl props including who will win the coin flip, how long with the national anthem take to sing and many more.

Not only that, but there are already odds and lines up for 2013 Super Bowl champions! As unbelievable as that sounds, Vegas loves to post up odds for next year’s champions to get some biters hoping to cash in on some huge odds.

For example, right now you can get +2,000 odds on the Dallas Cowboys winning the 2013 Super Bowl championship, or plus +1,200 on the Steelers winning. The biggest long shots are the Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins, Jacksonville Jaguars and St. Louis Rams, all at +10,000. The smallest odds are for the Green Bay Packers, at just +500, the New Orleans Saints at +600 and the New England Patriots at +800.

Of course, once this year’s Super Bowl teams are decided, you’ll have a huge range of options for how you can bet on the game and participate with some Super Bowl betting online. You’ll have all of your usual betting options available, such as a straight pick of the winner, and betting on the outcome of the game with a point spread. There will also be the usual over/under lines for you to get involved with.

From there though, just about anything that you can dream up will be available as a bet. How much will the teams score in each quarter? Which team will score first, and which player will get the first touchdown? Who will be the MVP? Who will get the most rushing or receiving yards? How many penalties will there be, and which team will be more penalized? How many coach’s challenges will be used, and how many will be overturned?

There are even non-football bets you can make with your Super Bowl betting online. Who will win the coin toss? How long will the game last? How many times will the announcers say certain phrases, or reference certain things? How many car commercials will you see? It just goes on and on from there.

So, don’t sit on the sidelines this year. With the huge range of Super Bowl betting online right now, you can make any kind of wager that you’d like, whether it’s on the game, next year’s winner, crazy non-football proposition bets and much more.


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