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Sweet 16 Bracket Contests

Everybody enters March Madness with the best of intentions and the highest of hopes. This will finally be the year that you own your bracket or tournament challenge and show your friends and coworkers the right way to do it, right? Well, those best laid of plans often collapse, and they often do quickly, like on the first day or two of the tournament action when the big upsets begin happening.

Sweet 16 Bracket Contests

Luckily though, now you don’t have to give up on all of the fun when that happens. There’s a great way to keep the fun going and give yourself another chance now, and it’s the Sweet 16 bracket contests which have really become popular over the past few years.

With these, you basically get a chance to restart when the Sweet 16 is going to begin. You’ll get to fill out a fresh bracket with only the remaining 16 teams, leveling the playing field after all of those early upsets have occurred. Then you fill out the bracket like you normally would, and try to get as many games right as possible.

Many online Sweet 16 bracket contests have pretty awesome prizes and special opportunities. So even if you lose your regular challenge, you can still take home some cash prizes or other great gifts like tickets and travel to games and future tournaments, autographed memorabilia and much more. That means that even people who are doing really well with their regular brackets end up entering into sweet 16 brackets too to give themselves more opportunities to win big.

Upsets are going to happen, and when you call them right, they can help you win your bracket and take home some cash. When you don’t see them coming they can destroy all of that careful planning, research and selection that you did. But now it will only be a temporary setback, until you can start over with a contest with the start of the Sweet 16. Now it’s much less about crazy upsets, and much more about match-ups and which teams are the best, and which are playing better basketball right now and riding some momentum.

So don’t be too bummed out if and when your bracket collapses in the first weekend of action. It happens to the best of us, and it happens to millions and millions of people. Instead of hanging it up and forgetting about March Madness, just bide your time and wait for the Sweet 16 bracket contests to begin. You’ll get a fresh start and the playing field will be leveled, and you’ll still get to enter for the chance to win some great prizes, or compete for bragging rights and more fun regardless.


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