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Kentucky Derby Start Time: Official 2012 Kentucky Derby Post Time

If you’re planning on taking on the biggest horse race of the year and one of the best sporting events all year round of any kind, then you’ll need to know the 2012 Kentucky Derby post time. Use this guide to make sure you know when and where you’ll have to be to enjoy this one of a kind race, and don’t miss out on any of the action or show up too late and end up wondering how it all went down.

Kentucky Derby Post Time

The official 2012 Kentucky Derby start time is at 6:24 pm Eastern. That’s the post time actually, so the start time will come a few minutes after that depending on how long it all takes to get everyone into the proper position. You can expect the horses to be off and running from the gates at about 6:30 pm, give or take a few minutes.

After that, the entire thing will wrap up about three minutes later, so this isn’t a sporting event where you can be fashionably late and still see all of the important action! You have to be right in place at that post time to make sure you can watch the race. An untimely trip to the bathroom or the bar or your friend’s house could mean you end up missing the entire thing, and that’s a nightmare scenario for everyone.

The live race itself will be televised on NBC, and it will have a two-hour time slot from 5 to 7 pm on the network. There will also be a one hour all-access preview special on NBC from 4 to 5 pm. After the race, you can continue your viewing over on NBC Sports Network from 7 to 8 pm, where a post race show will cover all the analysis of what went down and how the horses fared.

Of course, other networks, such as ESPN, will have long, multiple hour blocks of coverage before and after the race. So whatever your preference is, you won’t be shorthanded when it comes to watching it all on television and either getting psyched for the event or following it up with some analysis and breakdown.

Before the 2012 Kentucky Derby start time, you’ll also be able to take in the Kentucky Oaks. This race has a post time of 5:45 pm Eastern, so about 45 minutes before the Derby is scheduled. Each of these two races are in their 138th renditions, although of course beyond the horse racing community, only the Derby really captures everyone’s attention and imagination.

So there you have it. The official 2012 Kentucky Derby start time is at 6:24 pm Eastern, and it will be shown live across the country no matter where you live. Expect to see the horses running a few minutes after that, but don’t risk showing up late, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready to watch. After all, the event itself only takes two or three minutes, so you have to see the entire spectacle.


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